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Rebranding For Growth

The Problem

Dixoncom is an IT company based out of Philipsburg, PA. When they first started, their business ran under a "break/fix" model. Essentially, their business was reacting to clients problems, as they arose. After several years of operating under this business model, they began to see the necessity of moving to a managed services model. With this model, customers would pay a monthly fee, and their technology would be maintained throughout the year. When they decided to shift their business model, they recognized that their branding needed to change as well. Their existing branding was still very consumer focused. They didn't feel that their branding represented a professional company that other businesses could trust. They asked Right Creative to help them rebrand their company. We were happy to accept the challenge.

Ethan Dixon, the company owner, expressed that he wanted the new branding to convey confidence and peace of mind. He was also very specific that he didn't want it to "feel" like an IT company. It wasn't about technology and feeling "techy", he explained. He wanted to convey security and confidence. He wanted the businesses they worked with to feel secure. Secure that their technology was stable. Secure that their data was safe. Secure that no matter what issue they were having, that they had a team to help them find answers. Secure that their business would run reliably, without technology causing downtime.

The Solution

The Concept

As with any branding project, we begin by sketching ideas in a notebook. With Dixoncom, this was no exception. We went through dozens of ideas and possibilities, with no clear winners emerging. One of the top contenders was a nautical theme, to try to convey "calm seas". But, after a lot of back and forth, we felt that this theme was too difficult to convey.

We eventually arrived at the concept of a compass. The image of a compass immediately conveys direction. It is not a stretch to say that a compass can also be used to represent a tool to use when you are lost. A guide. A way out of a tight spot. That is exactly what Dixoncom is to businesses.

The very best brands however aren't just aesthetically pleasing. They also represent the business. And a business is nothing without the people. Dixoncoms owner, and several employees come from a strong scouting background. So not only did the new branding work to represent the business. It also worked to represent the individuals who make up the business.

After weeks of going back and forth with different concepts, when we presented the compass concept, an agreement was quickly made.

The Colors

Once the design was finalized, we began selecting colors to represent the brand. While their former branding used many colors, their new branding used only two: navy and orange. Using a Pantone color-matching guide, we selected shades that would translate well to both print and digital. The result was a highly versatile color scheme that could be easily replicated in paint, printer ink, and pixels.

The Work

Dixoncom logo on a blue background. Dixoncom logo on an orange background. Dixoncom logo on a white background.

The Results

Once the final concepts were agreed upon, Dixoncom went all-in with adopting the new brand. They completely redesigned their storefront around the new branding. They ordered new stationery and print materials. They even got new company shirts for the employees to wear.

As a result, they noticed an almost immediate shift in how they were perceived by both businesses and consumers. The new branding also helped give them clarity around their message, and changed how they communicated to prospective clients. From this, they began to notice that they were able to attract a higher calibre of clients and win a higher number of sales.

"We have been blown away by the increase in public interest in our business since Right Creative created our website. We experienced an almost immediate surge in appointments when they launched our site. We are thrilled that that increase has never slowed and continues to this day! We have received many compliments from our clients about the look and ease of the website and feel that the design has led to several accolades and recognition from local publications."