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Badger & Hound

The best barber shop in State College

The Problem

Badger & Hound was a brand new barbershop. Their aim was to build a reputation in a town crowded with other salons and barber shops. Many of these other shops have been in the community for several years, and have loyal clientele. How does a startup business establish a presence and stand out amongst high competition with loyal clients? This was a problem that Right Creative was happy to help them tackle.

The Solution

From the get-go, we realized that to succeed, we would need to stand out. In looking at the websites of other barber shops in the area, we saw an opportunity to do exactly that. Many of these other barber shop's websites were little more than online brochures. We knew that to stand out, we needed a website that focused on the personality of the shop. Taking inspiration from both owners personalities, we created a site that was reflective of both of them. With elements borrowed from tattoo, motorcycle, and punk-rock cultures, the resulting website felt substantially different from other shops in the area.

Overall, the site is very simple - only a single page. But, the impact is powerful. It feels fresh. It is mobile friendly. And it caters to the visual aesthetic of their clientele. It is a shop that looks a way that many of their clients can relate to. It integrates video, social media, online appointment booking, and intentionally crafted copy.

Badger & Hound Mobile SiteBadger & Hound Mobile Site

In addition to being well-designed, simple, and easy to use, we also made sure to integrate Google Analytics, so we could measure progress.

The Work

Full page screenshot of the Badger & Hound website.

The Results

Within a couple of weeks, Badger & Hound shot to the #1 spot in Google for various search terms including:

"State College Barber Shop"
"Best State College Barber"
"Barbers near me"
and more...

When we first launched the site in April of 2018, the site had 149 visitors the first month. A year later, the site traffic has grown by over 500%! The business has grown so much they were able to move to a bigger location. And perhaps more importantly, they are often completely booked up to two weeks in advance. They've also been able to add a third barber to the shop, and are looking to add yet another very soon.

If you're ever in the State College area, be sure to stop into their shop. While you're there, be sure to grab some free stickers, a t-shirt, and enjoy the best haircut State College has to offer.

"We have been blown away by the increase in public interest in our business since Right Creative created our website. We experienced an almost immediate surge in appointments when they launched our site. We are thrilled that that increase has never slowed and continues to this day! We have received many compliments from our clients about the look and ease of the website and feel that the design has led to several accolades and recognition from local publications."