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Atlas Therapy

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The Problem

Atlas Therapy is a growing physical therapy company. They currently have two locations, with several more planned, including an in-home division. When Atlas Therapy came to us, there were several challenges that needed to be overcome. Their ultimate goal however, was to increase awareness to their practice. They wanted more people in their communities and surrounding areas to know Atlas by name.

Before working with us, their online strategy was minimal. While they did have a website, it was not conducive to their growth. It was not mobile-friendly. It was not easily editable. It was not a platform to house various types of content. And it was not a site that accurately represented their lively, vibrant personalities. In short, didn't need a website redesign - they needed a redesign for their entire online strategy.

The Solution

Branding Refresh

As we were working through the redesign of their site, one of the first things we did was refresh their branding. Their previous branding colors used a pale blue, turquoise, and several shades of gray. They weren't bad colors per sé, but it did give the impression of being cold and sterile. Paired with certain design elements, the practice felt very "medical".

Old Branding for Atlas Therapy New Branding for Atlas Therapy

With the refresh, we brought in a bright, vibrant blue, paired with white, charcoal and black. The bolder colors immediately felt more vibrant and exciting. We also put more emphasis on photography and videos, to bring some life and warmth to their brand.

Website Strategy

With the goal of increasing awareness to their business, we employed the following strategies.

In order to reach a greater number of people, we made the website tablet and mobile friendly. With so many people using their phones as their primary internet device, it was critical to build a site that caters to those visitors. Not only was the site made to be mobile friendly, it was also built with a mobile-first methodology. This means the site was designed assuming the user would be on a mobile device. With this in place, now, visitors can easily access the site, regardless of what device they are using.

Atlas Therapy Mobile SiteAtlas Therapy Mobile Site highlighting easy-access navigation.

We also built systems to house various types of content. With any client, we always discuss the importance of your website being an educational resource. The more value people get from your website, the higher it will rank. To this effect, we created a platform to house various types of new content. We added a blog for staff to write articles. We added a calendar to promote upcoming events. We added landing pages to help promote specific areas of the business. We added layouts to house articles and videos. All strategies combined, the website is now an informational powerhouse!

Despite these efforts, without a way to measure progress, it wouldn't do much good for the business. To provide the greatest value to the client, we added Google Analytics to monitor the usage of the site. By itself Google Analytics can be a bear to make heads or tails of. Each month, we review their analytics and provide an easy-to-read report on key metrics. We also provide a list of action items based on the analytics to ensure the site continues to improve.

Online Appointment Requests

Another big win that we integrated into the site was the ability for patients to request appointments online. With this functionality in place, we decided that requesting appointments should be the primary call to action for the page. As a user navigates the site, they will see several different prompts, pointing them to the appointment-scheduling page. Once there, users have the ability to request an appointment at either of the two Atlas locations, for a time and day that is convenient to them.

Social Strategy

Atlas has an in-house specialist who does a fantastic job of managing their social media. However, it is important that our efforts compliment each other. When they promote things on social media, we work to ensure there is something on the website to point people to. Sometimes this is a landing page. Sometimes it is a lead form. Sometimes it is a blog or an article with more information. And sometimes it is a prompt to request an appointment. Ultimately, the goal is to have the website be a compliment to their social media efforts, and vice versa.

Online Reviews

Another important initiative for Atlas was to focus on obtaining online reviews. For each patient that they treat, they make it a point to ask for them to leave a review. As a result, Atlas Therapy has become one of the highest rated, and most reviewed PT facilities in the area.

The Work

Full page screenshot of the Atlas Therapy website.

The Results

Atlas came to us wanting to reach a wider audience, and increase awareness to their practice. Through our efforts, Atlas now enjoys a website that is accessible to all users, regardless of the device they are using. Their website allows them to publish content in all forms: blogs, articles, videos and more. They have a way to track progress of campaigns and initiatives. And they are able to post on social media, while directing views back to their website. All of these efforts are compounded by continuing to be a truly excellent physical therapy provider.

In addition to all of this, the site has gone from being an online brochure to a site that converts users into customers. With the appointment request form in place and several call-to-action buttons directing users to it, Atlas has received a substantial number of patients requesting appointments directly from the site.

"John and his team have done an incredible job of coming into our business and transforming how we are perceived by the public. From our first meeting, he has blended into our team seamlessly, and I genuinely feel that he cares as much about our success as we do."

- Justin Kurpeikis, Founder